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Advanced Programs Gifted & Honors

North's Advanced Programs

The advanced programs at North Middle School (NMS) are designed on the Talent Development Model of Gifted Education, which recognizes that a student's giftedness may not be global. For example, a student may have areas of giftedness – in math, art, ELA, music, or leadership. The advanced programs at North use individualized scheduling. This process allows for greater access to instruction in areas of high aptitude. Students can participate in up to 6 advanced classes at different levels of acceleration. This differs from the all or nothing approach of other programs. This research-based approach enables NMS to address the needs of each student individually.

Gifted and Talented Academy (GTA)

The equity-based Gifted and Talented Academy (GTA) at North Middle School looks beyond one data point for entry into the program, ensuring that the GTA represents the demographics of NMS. Candidates for the GTA should have standardized test scores in the 85th percentile or provide a Body of Evidence indicating they would benefit from gifted and talented programming (i.e., portfolio or other demonstration of aptitude). Key tenants of the equity-based GTA include the Talent Development Model of Gifted Education, acceleration, and social emotional development.

Honors Program

North's Honors Program provides an academically rigorous course of study for students who benefit from accelerated instruction. North's Honors Program is an excellent option for those students considering the IB Diploma Programme or Advanced Placement courses in high school. Honors candidates should have standardized test scores at or above the 70th percentile or demonstrate through academic history that they can thrive in a rigorous educational setting.


North GTA

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GT Academy/Honors Program Application Process

1. Complete and submit the North 2023-2024 Advanced Programs Application.

2. If you live outside North's attendance boundaries, please fill out the Choice Open Enrollment Application (

3. If necessary, North Middle School will contact your child's current school to obtain the required test scores, grades, or recommendations for acceptance into the program.

4. North has instituted rolling admissions for both the GT Academy and the Honors Program.

North will notify families of acceptance within two weeks of receipt of a completed application. For more information, contact Lanie Roberds at 328-2410.

NOTE: Transportation for students not living in the North attendance area is the responsibility of the family.